Everest Properties has currently transitioned to AppFolio for all Online Rental Payments. The old payment processor, PayLease, will be discontinued soon. If you are still using PayLease to make Online Rental Payments, please stop further use and deactivate your PayLease account and any scheduled Auto-Payments. If you have already submitted a payment that is currently being processed, allow that payment to process before deactivating your account.

Please follow the AppFolio link above to access your AppFolio Online Portal to make a payment with E-Check or Credit Card.

For first time set-up of your AppFolio Online Portal, you must receive an Online Portal Activation Email. Please submit a request to our office by email to if you have not yet received an Online Portal Activation Email.

When using the AppFolio Online Portal, please ensure that your first and last names appear the same on your AppFolio Online Portal as on your bank account. If the names are different, your transactions will not be processed. You are still responsible for making your rental payments if the transactions cannot be processed through AppFolio. Please double check that your transaction was processed correctly after making an Online Rental Payment for the first time.

If you are using Autopay and you usually split your rent with other residents in your apartment, please select the “Fixed Amount” method of payment as this will allow you to pay your portion of the rent. If you select the other option to pay the “Outstanding Balance in Full”, you will be paying the rent for the entire apartment, not just your portion.

Please contact our office by email at if you are having any problems with your online rental payments. Thank you for using AppFolio!

IMPORTANT NOTE: AppFolio is a third-party payment platform. Changes to your individual account with AppFolio cannot be made by Everest Properties. Residents are responsible for his/her individual account with AppFolio. Residents are responsible for making necessary changes such as, but not limited to, cancellations of AUTOPAY before vacating the apartment.