Everest Properties is currently working with the third party payment platform PayLease to provide our residents with the ability to make online rental payments using Credit Card or E-Check. Payments will be made through the PayLease Pay Portal website which you can now visit here.

In order to register to make payments, you will have to provide your last name, an email address, a password, and your unique account number for your apartment unit which can be provided by our office upon request.

Once you have successfully registered, you will be given information on the different methods of payment and then you can decide which method of payment works for you. Payments do take a few days to process so please start processing your payments before the date that rent is due.

Currently, due to long processing times, payments are only allowed to be processed from the 25th through the 8th of each month. After the 8th of each month, payments will not be accepted online and you must make a payment directly at our office with check or money order. Payments made after the 8th may be subject to the maximum late fee penalty.

Please contact our office by email at if you are having any problems with your online rental payments. Thank you for using PayLease!

IMPORTANT NOTE: PayLease is a third party payment platform. Changes to your individual account with PayLease cannot be made by Everest Properties. Residents are responsible for his/her individual account with PayLease. Residents are responsible for making necessary changes such as, but not limited to, cancellations of AUTOPAY before vacating the apartment.