Frequently Asked Questions

Apartment Search

  How do I get started?

The best way to get your apartment search started from our HOME PAGE is to click on the FOR RENT tab on the menu bar at the top of the HOME PAGE or you can click on the APARTMENT LISTINGS button at the bottom of the page.  Doing so will take you to our current listings.  If you already know what size or location of the apartment that you are looking for, you can use the FIND AN APARTMENT feature on our HOME PAGE.  Browse our current listings.  Once you find a listing, contact the manager or our office for viewings.

  What are the different types of apartments available?

Our selection of apartments contains: studios, one-bedrooms, two-bedrooms, three-bedrooms, and a few larger apartments and houses as well.

  How do I find more information about a particular apartment listing?

Clicking on a current listing will take you to the specific apartment page.  There you will find the specific address of the apartment and information about the specific building and location of the property.  Some will also contain more detailed information about the building and the apartment such as size and features.  Also displayed will be any pictures of the building and/or pictures of the apartment.  Any similar units at the property that are currently available will be displayed as well.   If you would like to learn more about a listing, it is best to contact the specific manager for that apartment.  Their information, phone and email, will also be listed on the apartment page.  If you are unable to reach the manager, please feel free to contact our office by phone or by email and we can put you in touch with the manager or give you more information.

  How do I view an apartment that is not available now and/or is currently occupied?

Occupied apartments can only be viewed during open houses or appointments.  These are arranged by the manager of the property or by our office and we rarely allow tenants to show their own apartments. ATTENTION:  You are NOT ALLOWED to disturb the tenants or contact them directly in order to see the apartment without their consent.  Some buildings do have gated entrances so it is best for you to get more information from the manager or our office before you visit the property.  In order to find out more information about viewing the specific listing, please contact the phone number or email displayed on the listing or contact our office.

  How do I view an apartment that is Available Now and is Vacant?

The best way to view a currently available and vacant apartment is to contact the manager at the number or email listed on the listing.  The manager will give you more information on when the apartment is available to be viewed.  You can also contact our office for this information.  In addition, we usually make keys of vacant apartments available at our office.  You can check out these keys during our office hours but they must be returned before closing time.  Some buildings do have gated entrances so it is best for you to get more information from the manager or our office before you visit the property.

  Are there any more listings?

We do try to keep the website updated daily but the most up to date listings will always be available at our office.  If you are looking for a specific apartment that is currently not available, please contact our office and we can give you more information.

Submitting Applications

  I have found an apartment that I want to rent, how do I apply?

Please submit all applications to our office.  Applications can be mailed, faxed, or emailed.  Priority will only be assigned once all application fees have been paid.  Application fees must be paid wth cash or a check written out to Everest Properties.

  How long does it take to process an application?

Applications can only be processed when all applications have been submitted and all application fees are paid.  All supplemental information must be turned in as well before the applications can be processed.  Supplemental information can include: co-signer applications, financial aid information, employment information, bank statements, immigration forms, and copies of picture identification.  For faster processing, please make sure that all applicants have their applications, fees, and appropriate supplemental information turned in promptly.

  If I am approved for an apartment, how long do I have to decide before signing the lease?

You must sign the lease and pay the deposit within 3 business days after submitting applications and approval.  More time may be given if there are no other applications for the unit.  

  What are the application fees and how and when should I pay them?

The application fee is $35 per applicant.  Each person renting a unit must fill out an application and pay the application fee.   Application fees can be paid at our office with CASH OR MONEY ORDER OR CHECK ONLY.  The application fee should be paid upon submitting the application.  Priority for the application will NOT be assigned until all application fees have paid.

  Can I submit applications by email or fax?

You may submit your applications to our email address or fax but applications will not be processed or prioritized until we have received the necessary fees.  Fees must be paid at our office with CASH OR CHECK ONLY.  It is recommended that you drop off your applications to our office and pay the fees to ensure that your applications are prioritized.  Please remember our First-Come, First-Served policy.  The first application we receive must have all the fees paid in order to be prioritized over subsequent applications.

Signing a Lease

  What do I need to sign the lease agreement for an apartment?

Please bring a valid photo ID and any additionally requested supplemental information.  You must have the full security deposit when signing the lease for the apartment.  The deposit must be paid with CASHIERS CHECK OR MONEY ORDER ONLY.  Please make sure all payments are made out to the specific owner of the property you are leasing.  DO NOT MAKE DEPOSIT PAYMENTS OUT TO EVEREST PROPERTIES.  Improperly formatted payments must be changed before the lease can be signed.

  Is the lease agreement month to month or fixed term?

The majority of our lease agreements are Fixed Term Lease agreements.  Once the lease period is expired, you will have a chance to renew for another lease term or you can give a notice to vacate the unit.  All listings are leased for a fixed term unless advertised as Month to Month.

  Who needs to sign the lease agreement?

All applicants who will be living in the unit must fill out applications and they must sign the lease agreement.

Moving In

  When can I move into my leased apartment?

Once the apartment has been vacated and inspected and cleaned, you can pick up the keys and move into the unit.  You may only move into your unit on or after the lease start date.  Once the lease begins, you are responsible for paying the rent, even if your move-in date is after the lease start date.

  Where can I pick up the keys and what do I need to bring with me?

Once your apartment is ready to move-in, you must bring the payment for the first months rent.  This payment must be made with CASHIERS CHECK OR MONEY ORDER ONLY.  Please make all rental payments out to the specific owner of the property as written in your lease agreement.  DO NOT MAKE RENTAL PAYMENTS OUT TO EVEREST PROPERTIES.  Once you have paid the full rent for the unit, we will give you the keys and you can move into the unit.  If the keys are not available at the office, we will give you the managers information and they will deliver the keys to you once payment has been confirmed by our office.

  What do I need to prepare before moving into my apartment?

Make sure you have opened or transferred all utility, internet, phone, cable accounts for that unit.  These should be arranged at least one or two weeks before moving into the unit in order to make sure there are no stoppages of services.  You must be prepared to pay the first months rent before you can move into your unit.  You should also have the Check-In/Check-Out List which can be downloaded from the FORMS PAGE on our HOME PAGE.  This checklist should be filled out upon moving into the unit and then it should be delivered promptly to our office.

Moving Out

  If I would like to move out, what should I do?

You must first consult your lease agreement and confirm your lease end date and when notice must be given.  The majority of our lease agreements do REQUIRE 60-days written notice before vacating an apartment.  The majority of our lease agreements also include an AUTOMATIC renewal for a one-year lease term.  Thus it is very important to check your specific lease agreement or consult our office if you are unsure. Once you have checked your lease agreement and/or have spoken to our office, you must then fill out a NOTICE OF INTENT TO VACATE form.  This form can be downloaded from the FORMS PAGE from the HOME PAGE of our website.  Once all residents in the apartment have filled out the notice and signed it, please submit the notice to the office before the due date as per the lease.  After we receive your notice, we will confirm if the notice is correctly filled out and appropriate as per your specific lease agreement.

  When will I receive my security deposit?

We return security deposits within 21 days after you have fully vacated the unit and returned all keys to our office.  Security deposits are usually sent out in the mail so please make sure to provide the relevant forwarding addresses to our office.  Other arrangements can be made if deemed necessary.  If you do not receive your deposit within the specified time frame, please contact our office.

  How do I reduce deductions from my security deposit?

After the apartment is vacant, we will inspect the apartment to make sure that it has been maintained properly and it has been cleaned.  Deductions from the security deposit are made based on this inspection.  Regular wear and tear and items noted on the Check-In List are excepted.  The main issues we look for are damages.  Any broken windows, locks, appliances, fixtures etc must be reported and repaired.  If you are found to be at fault for the damage, you will be charged for the repairs.  Another issue is the presence of furniture and personal property.  Any items left in the unit or left on the property must be disposed of properly.  If we find that you have left any items behind without authorization, we will charge you for the disposal of those items. In order to make sure that you have taken the necessary steps to reduce deductions from your deposit, you can request a walk-through of the unit with the manager.  This is usually performed before your lease end date and preferably after you have removed all belongings and cleaned the apartment.  Please contact your manager or our office for more information on scheduling a walk-through inspection.

  Can you mail out multiple deposit checks?

We would prefer to mail out one deposit check to one tenant per group.  Larger groups will be required to do this. That will reduce the chance of any lost checks and it will expedite the mailing.  Smaller groups can provide multiple addresses but these must be provided well in advance of the lease-end date.  It is the tenants responsibility to make sure that we have their correct forwarding addresses.